Healing in Noh in Parabola magazine,Fall 2016

Parabola magazine,Volume 41 No.3 Fall 2016 ( http://parabola.org/) features ‘Healing in Noh,’ . ( by Kenneth E Lawrence, Art by Kumiko Lawrence)) Our longest and most personal article yet. The article discusses several Noh plays, including ‘Atsumori,’ ‘Kiyomori’ and ‘Sanemori,’ and what we can learn from them regarding revenge, sympathy and aging. As always, the people at Parabola did a wonderful job.

パラボラマガジン最新号に「Healing in Nohシリーズ」掲載していただいております。今回は能・敦盛、清盛、実盛などから考察した、「癒し」がテーマのエッセイと墨絵です。よろしくお願いします。