【Kumiko】Salt lake City Library (UT)

Salt Lake City Library is definitely one of the most beautiful library’s I’ve ever been to.  The building has a futuristic feel as well as an ancient-like (Roman?) architectural atmosphere. The spacious front space includes a contemporary-design water structure.

Entering  the lobby, there is five story-high with an open ceiling in the center. The modern atrium is exposed with tons of natural light. Spectacular architecture and layout. There are so many cozy spaces for reading or to just sit and look around and relax.  They  have a rooftop garden and a section of beehives, with actual bees in them (!!).

The children’s area downstairs is huge.  I love the design which makes the most of the natural light coming into the space.  It has a lot of nice extra features, like lovely corners to read, little themed nooks like an “attic” and “ice cave.”  There’s outdoor access with a huge water feature to splash and play in. I wish I could have brought my boys when they were young (they are adults already). This is a place your kids can enjoy, and is also good for those with the vivid, childlike imagination of a little girl (like me). I could spend 365 days a year here!

Salt Lake City Library! Yes! We hope to visit again soon!